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When involved in relocating and before you start looking for a home, you should be aware of the real estate closing costs involved and be able to have most of these funds available before you even start the search. Besides the minimum 5% down payment, which the mortgage company requires, you will need to have the following amounts at hand.

Lawyer's fees and expenses:   normally $900 to $1100
Land Transfer Tax:   varies, but on a $100,000 home, costs about $750
Home Inspection:   $275-$350 not mandatory, but an excellent idea
Bank Appraisal Fee:   $250, but the bank may waive it
Mortgage Application Fee:   $250, Banks can sometimes waive this
Mortgage Insurance Premium:   ranges from 0.5% to 3.75% of the mortgage amount
Survey:   $600 - $800 if necessary
Estoppel Certificate:   $50, but only applies to condos
Service and Utility connection:   depends on the company

This summary of closing costs for real estate are meant to provide an assist to you but should not be relied upon. For a closer examination of costs it is best to contact the real estate agent assisting you with your relocation or lawyer.


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